Respect feat. Conkarah

by Tóke feat. Conkarah



Big up to di farmerman and any kind of helper
to any volunteer and to any street vender
garbage man and fruitseller
because a you a di one whe mek dis world truly better
none a di stars on TV whe pop up pon yuh screen
are better, more beautiful or superior you see?
eventhough this is what media wants us to believe
but at the end of the day we‘re all human beings
see nuff a dem a work hard but a nuff dem nah see it
dem stand ina di background far away from any tweet,
yeh yeh yeh yeh!
so while di stars a shine bright pon stage
dem outside ina di shade working minimum wage
some people a gwaan like there‘s a ranking between you and me
but there‘s no you and me, there‘s only UNITY
so if we choose to be one with all human beings
dat a di way wi ago set all humans free
mi seh

RESPECT to all di hard working people dem
RESPECT from a unity yuh a defend
RESPECT from yuh nah stand ina di spotlight
you work so hard but it come in like dem nah recognize
RESPECT - can‘t you see dat all a we are equal?

Tell dem a Conkarah pon di mic and mi seh respect due
to each and every youth a hustle pon di avenue
to make an honest living mek yuh dreams come true
work hard fi whe ya want dat is nuttin new
well a nuff a dem nah see yuh and yuh daily struggle
from morning till evening yuh hustle and bustle
yuh nah watch yuh face every mickle mek muckle
dem nah go pree how much dem need you
Cah dem nah see you
when yuh a sweep up di street
Cah dem nah see you
yuh nah have no shoes pon yuh feet
Cah dem nah see you
eventhough yuh heart clean
no dem nah see you
talk to dem Tóke!

Hold on despite di lacking appreciation
stand strong and let dis music be inspiration,
yeah hold on despite di lacking appreciation
stand strong and let dis music be inspiration, yeah!

You see respect‘s about acknowledging the other one‘s side
the other one‘s mind, not to forget the other one‘s pride
recognizing and accepting of the other one‘s life
and di decisions whe him mek a fi him own a choice see
peaceful coexistence we haffi nurture it
and di lacking of respect dat a murder it
so as long as I don‘t harm you beg you respect me
that‘s how easy respect be


released July 15, 2016
Drums, Piano: Herbie Faders & Michael Bass Bass
Guitar, Keyboards, Percussions: Marco Rais Abin
Saxophone: Brothermartino
Trumpet: Alessandro ‘Brenso’ Scagliarini
Trombone: Michele Condini
Vocals: Tóke, Conkarah

Tóke Recorded @ Studio61, Bologna, Italy by Adriano Ippolito
Conkarah Recorded @ Papua New Guinea
Mixed @ Duna Studio, Russi (RA), Italy by Adriano Ippolito
Mastered @ Hot Pot Recordings, Bologna, Italy by Adriano Ippolito

Artwork by Simonluca Spadanuda



all rights reserved


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